Warrabilla Wines

“Andrew Sutherland Smith and wife Carol have built a formidable reputation for their wines, headed by the Reserve trio of Durif, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, quintessential examples of Rutherglen red table wine at its most opulent”. – Halliday’s Wine Companion 2016

Andrew is a fifth generation winemaker of Rutherglen and has lived and breathed winemaking all his life. Rutherglen is situated in North East Victoria, Australia where the warm climate lends itself to producing some of Australia’s finest table and fortified wines.

Their vision

Having your own winery allows you to do what all winemakers dream of – making your own styles. At Warrabilla Wines, we set out to be the premium big red producer in North East of Victoria.

Their style

With an annual crush of approximately 150 tons of fruit each year, Warrabilla Wines specialise in handcrafting big, full bodied, red table wines. Low yielding vines (1.5 to 2 tons per acre) ensure maximum ripening and concentration of colour, flavour and tannin structure. Whilst the wines are designed for long term cellaring, they are also well balanced and easy to drink at an early age.

Andrew’s skills as a Winemaker have been recognised many times in Wine Shows around Australia with a string of trophies and medals to his credit.

Their wines

  • Parola’s Limited Release label
    This label is a prestige label which is not released every year but only when a classic vintage has occurred. Only the best parcels of fruit are blended and put in the best oak barrels. These wines must be viscous, have luscious fruit flavours, firm tannin structure and be well balanced for long term cellaring.

  • Reserve label
    The Reserve label is more approachable as a younger wine, however has the capability to cellar for many years. The fruit is always of the highest quality and is seconded only by the Parola’s Limited Release label. It is aged in some new and some one year old oak so that the oak doesn’t overpower but highlights the fruit characters. The tannins are firm but soft to give good mouthfeel.

Warrabilla Wines
6152 Murray Valley Highway
PO Box 41, Rutherglen, Vic 3685

P: 02 6035 7242
E: andrew@warrabillawines.com.au
W: www.warrabillawines.com.au

Opening Hours

7 days a week 10am- 5pm