Vintage Report

2018 was an above average “consistent” vintage.  Due to a cooler and slightly wetter than average winter, the start to the growing season in Rutherglen was delayed.  The region’s vineyards experienced regular rainfall and warm temperatures throughout the spring which was then followed up with a warm and dry summer.  Although the temperatures during summer and autumn were slightly higher than average, Rutherglen did not experience any days of extreme heat.  Therefore even though we had a long and dry summer and autumn, the weather was consistent which was ideal ripening weather for all red and fortified grapes.


The stable weather meant that the vines caught up on their late budburst and that the start and end dates of vintage were considered average.  During the actual vintage period the favourable weather continued throughout which meant that all vineyards were able to ripen their fruit to develop the flavours they require and to be harvested at the ideal time free from any form of disease pressure. This warmer weather resulted in red fruit with both fuller flavours, fantastic colour and character.  Vintage 2018 will be in remembered as a consistent vintage.  The wines from 2018 will be of a high quality with the structure to be enjoyed now and well into the future.