Valhalla Wines

Valhalla Wines handcrafts wines using intense vineyard practices, traditional winemaking methods and careful cellaring in the strawbale winery.

Their wines

Premium Rhone Valley varietals are a focus at Valhalla for their great food matching capabilities as well as their high suitability to the Rutherglen climate and soils. Their range includes viognier, marsanne, grenache, shiraz, mourvedre and durif. Winemaking at Valhalla follows traditional methods, using techniques such as hand plunging, basket pressing, minimal fining and filtration. They use small batch fermentation, to achieve layers of complexity, helped with careful oak selection and blend only at the end of maturation to keep every parcel of grapes individual.

Their place

Valhalla has chosen to build a strawbale winery for a number of reasons. It fits in well with their focus on sustainability with a material that is renewable and clean. The insulation properties of strawbales are exceptional and finally, the finished walls look great.

Their vision

Anton and Antoinette have established Valhalla with environmental sustainability as a core value of their business. They embrace natural farming methods in the vineyard, rainwater harvesting, a worm farm waste system, composting and use of recycled packaging. These sustainable practices and their attention to detail create wines of character, wines with soul.

Their winery

‘Our strawbale winery has an ambience and atmosphere that I love. The best time for me is during vintage, when we hand plunge up to five times a day. The last plunge is around midnight with no one else to disturb you and the only sound the bubbling of the ferments. It is this time I love to breathe, look at the day past, concentrate on the flavours developing in the young wines and think about what tomorrow may bring.’
– Anton Therkildsen

163 All Saints Road, Wahgunyah, Vic 3687
T: 02 6033 1438

Opening Hours 

10am-4pm , Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
All other days we are happy to see people by appointment: Call 02 6033 1438 (or Anton 0429 330 280)