St Leonards Vineyard

St Leonards Vineyard has been known for over 25 years to buck the system. St Leonards Vineyard has always been well known for producing excellent table wines in a fortified wine producing area. In a micro-climate of it’s own, nestled on the Murray River, St Leonards has been producing alternative varieties that have become firm favourites of there devoted followers.

Their wines

From the classics of Shiraz and Chardonnay to the quirky Orange Muscat and Cabernet Franc all varieties thrive in the sandy St Leonards soils. The ‘Wahgunyah’ range showcases the vineyard’s finest quality wines, the sought-after Italian Ripasso style ‘Wahgunyah’ Shiraz and also a range of blends including, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and Petit Blanc.

Their place

Overlooking a tranquil lagoon on a bend of the majestic Murray River, St Leonards Vineyard is a picturesque and relaxing destination for wine and eco tourists. Much more than just a winery, St Leonards is a place to truly unwind. Enjoy a leisurely walk to the magnificent Murray River or relax to live music.

Their vision

It’s about innovation, youthful passion, sustainability, a healthy respect for traditional winemaking and a talented team of individuals to see it all come to life.

‘We’re passionate about making outstanding wine, whilst pushing the boundaries. And, of course leaving our property in a better state for the next generation. In an ideal world, everything in the vineyard should be sustainable.’
Eliza Brown, CEO St Leonards and All Saints Estate

St. Leonards Winery
St. Leonards Rd, Wahgunyah
T: 02 6033 1004

Opening Hours

Thur- Sun 10:00am – 5:00pm
Other times by appointment

Music on the Murray
Live Music first Saturday of each month 12.30pm till 4pm