All Anderson Sparkling wines are made using the traditional Champagne method. This means that the bubbles are naturally fermented inside each individual bottle. The bottle fermentation only takes a matter of weeks, but we cellar our sparkling wines for much longer than this with the yeast cells in the bottle. As the yeast break down, they release flavour & textural components into the wine, adding creaminess & complexity. It also slows the aging of the wine, because the yeast have used up all of the oxygen in the bottle.


The Champagne method requires wines to spend at least 9 months in the bottle on yeast lees, but all Anderson Sparkling wines have at least 2 years with the yeast in the bottle, with most having 3 or 4, and some older releases like this one having even longer.  Our 2011 Sparkling Durif was bottled in late 2012, and after completing secondary fermentation, was left to mature on yeast lees for over 7 years, which has given this wine a rich creaminess and many layers of complexity to complement the dark berry fruit from the Durif grapes.


All Sparkling wines, including sparkling reds, should be well chilled before opening to avoid gushing.

2011 Anderson Wines Sparkling Durif