200 tonnes and still going!

"This week we clocked over 200T with Shiraz, Viognier, Merlot (Amelie) and Tempranillo. This time last year we had processed 550T and the vintage fruit intakes were more or less over.

The first of our shiraz was pressed off skins this week and will now complete primary fermentation in tank before packing down to barrels for secondary fermentation. The Moscato is part way through fermentation and likely to be stopped today or tomorrow to retain part of the residual sugar. Many of the other whites have finished or close to finishing primary and will be packed down to full storage to preserve freshness.

There is a lot of fruit approaching the picking window but not quite there. Rain is forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday next week and we hope to pick the Shiraz from our Bobbie Burns 3 vineyard before it arrives. Dan will be watching the weather like a hawk."

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