All systems go at Chambers Rosewood!

A lot has happened since my last update.

Tuesday: Muscat for Moscato @ 14.15 Baume, Shiraz from our 100 year old plus vines near the winery @ 13.5 baume

Wednesday: Gouais from the cellar vineyard at 11.7 baume, Riesling with some Traminer @ 11.7 Baume, Tempranillo @ 13.5 Baume.

Thursday: Shiraz and Mondeuse from 100 year plus vines @ 13.5 Baume (see photos attached)

Friday: Palomino

Overall very happy with the quality with great aromatics in the whites and fantastic colour in the Reds harvested. We have noticed in some varieties that there is shrivelling occurring but this does not seem to affected the quality at this stage.

Have attached 2 photos one of Leo Messi (our Kelpie ) dutifully keeping an eye on the harvester and the other of the Shiraz Mondeuse falling into the bin.

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