It's time to venture to the dark side and discover Muscat of Rutherglen; a secret drink that sits somewhere between a wine and spirit. There is nothing else produced like it anywhere in the world - rich, complex, mysterious and full of flavour. 

Rutherglen is the Muscat capital of the world, home to the unique Muscat of Rutherglen wine styles. Take a journey along the region's Muscat Mile to meet the master blenders - learn and taste the different classifications of Muscat and indulge in some of the region's richest and rarest stocks straight from the barrel. You can even try your hand at blending your own Muscat and discovering the family secrets behind Australia's most iconic wine. 

Muscat of Rutherglen wines are grouped into a ladder of classifications that mark a progression in richness, complexity age and intensity of flavour. 

The four classifications are: Rutherglen Muscat, Classic Rutherglen Muscat, Grand Rutherglen Muscat, Rare Rutherglen Muscat. The classifications ensure you choose the best Muscat for your occasion, which gives the style it's greatest strength - versatility. 

This wine style is prestigious and rare, a national treasure that is inherently Australian and exclusive to Rutherglen. So exclusive, that the wine style needs to have been grown and produced here to be called Muscat of Rutherglen. 

Browse the list of Muscat of Rutherglen experiences, pick a spot on The Muscat Mile and start uncovering the essence of Australia. 

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All Saints Estate

All Saints Estate A Blindfolded Muscat Experience


Buller Wines Towards Perfection Barrel Perfection + Yesterday and Today Winery Tour

Campbells Wines MOR & cheese

Campbells Wines Behind the Scenes Tour Taste the Four Classifications of Muscat of Rutherglen Blend your very own Muscat of Rutherglen

WR Chambers - Phoebe Powell WEB_19

Chambers Rosewood Winery Immerse Yourself in the History of Muscat Muscat - Taste the History Tour


Cofield Wines The Many Faces of Rutherglen Muscat

restaurant table with Muscat being poure

De Bortoli Rutherglen Estate Muscat and Cheese Matching

Classic Rutherglen Muscat & choc

Jones Winery & Vineyard Muscat Tribute

Lake Moodemere Estate

Lake Moodemere Estate Muscat Food Matching Experience


Morris Wines Tasting Experience Flight of Muscats


Pfeiffer Wines True Muscat Experience

Muscat Reimagined

Scion Muscat Reimagined

WOR_09082019_SK_Georgie James Photograph

Stanton & Killeen Barrel Alley Muscat Journey Create your own Muscat Blend


St Leonards Vineyard Mixing it with Muscat

Warrabilla - Georgie James Photography 2

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