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Bus Services

Registering Private Buses



Any vehicle carrying eight or more passengers (bus, minivan, limousine, etc.) must register via this website in order to attend Winery Walkabout. Once your vehicle registration is approved (takes up to two business days) you can then log in to our online booking platform and book your vehicle into all the wineries you want to visit during the festival. 

You will not need to call each individual winery to book in your bus. Instead, you can develop a single itinerary all in the one place. 

CLICK HERE to download the how-to guide. 

Please note the following wineries will NOT be taking private bus bookings in 2021:

All Saints Estate, Anderson Winery, Jones Winery & Vineyard, Scion. 

By registering your bus for Winery Walkabout, you are agreeing to our Bus Code of Conduct.