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Towards Perfection, $10pp

Redeemable on purchase


Experience a Muscat tasting covering all four classifications, presented on a specially made tasting paddle. Taste Buller Wines' finest Muscats, culminating in their 50-year-old 100/100 perfect Rare Muscat. 

Available seven days. 

Barrel Perfection + Yesterday and Today Winery Tour, $20pp

Redeemable on purchase


Experience the above towards perfection program directly out of the barrels as

Buller Wines takes you on a guided tour of their historic old winery. Walk among 100-year-old barrels and taste Muscat directly out of them before touring their 100-year-old vines. Experience first-hand the operations of a new modern winery and compare it to the operations of yesteryear. Enjoy Buller Wines' hands-on, personal experience and leave feeling like you're part of the family and its history. 

Tours are available every Wednesday at 1pm or by group bookings of 10 or more. Tour lasts approximately one hour.


Bookings are essential. 

For bookings call 02 6032 9660