The finish line is in sight.

Vintage is progressing well at All Saints and St Leonards’ , as of today we are 80% complete. With only Durif, Cabernet Sauvignon, Muscat and Muscadelle still to go. I would expect by the 31st of March we will only have Muscadelle remaining to be harvested. Yields have generally been in line with expectations, with some good results from ASE Riesling, Marsanne, Merlot, St Leonards’ Semillon, Cab franc and young Shiraz. I think that overall the quality has been exceptional this year with no disease issues at all which is very pleasing. We have been able to pick alot of reds at lower Baumes with excellent fruit flavour which should give wines of elegance and style which will live for a long ti

Rain, rain, go away.

There’s not a lot to report from this week. The rain has put a halt on picking as we wait for the vines to dry out. Dan and the vineyard team are on top of their sprays, so for now, we just wait calmly. Despite appearances, we’ve still been busy. On Monday we harvested shiraz from the Bobbie Burns 3 vineyard. This is a new vineyard that’s only come on line this year. All the other fermenting reds have been pressed off and awaiting pack down to full storage. The winery is ready for the tsunami of fruit still to come. For interests sake, this time last year we had harvested 577 tonnes and only had the Trebbiano and Muscadelle for Topaque still to come in. At 213t we’re not even half way throug

Durif arriving into the winery.

We have now picked most of our Durif – just in time before all this rain has hit last night & today. Because of its tightly packed bunch structure (and subsequent lack of airflow between berries), Durif grapes are quite susceptible to rot, particularly as they get closer to being ready to harvest. But we beat the rain, and have some lovely Durif at 14 – 14.5 Baume, which is exactly how we wanted it!

Head first into the Shiraz!

We've been very busy out in the vineyard and in the winery, too. Here's what's been happening: Saturday – Andrew rounded up a crew for Sunday 5.00am start to pick the balance of Shiraz at Parola’s vineyard. 43 tons of Shiraz at 15.8 baume and the fruit is sensational. Monday, we pressed 30 ton of Rutherglen Shiraz and it is a cracker. late last week we picked 30 tons of Rutherglen Shiraz @ 15.5 beaume and it is looking brilliant. Finally, Vintage is really underway and the cellar is going to smell awesome. Riesling is still fermenting away slowly. Here's a photo of Josh head first into the press giving it a clean out. With all the rain outside we thought we'd keep Josh inside where it was '

200 tonnes and still going!

"This week we clocked over 200T with Shiraz, Viognier, Merlot (Amelie) and Tempranillo. This time last year we had processed 550T and the vintage fruit intakes were more or less over. The first of our shiraz was pressed off skins this week and will now complete primary fermentation in tank before packing down to barrels for secondary fermentation. The Moscato is part way through fermentation and likely to be stopped today or tomorrow to retain part of the residual sugar. Many of the other whites have finished or close to finishing primary and will be packed down to full storage to preserve freshness. There is a lot of fruit approaching the picking window but not quite there. Rain is forecast

Vintage artwork: a true original!

"Vintage continues at Jones and there is just masses and masses of work to do…. all in good time though! The Rutherglen Brown Muscat and some of our Marsanne grapes are still to be picked. We are waiting for them to develop more flavour! In the winery the white wines and rose are all happily fermenting away in the cool room at a controlled temperature and the team have started pressing out our red wines….which we do in no particular order….the wines will let Mandy know when they are ready! This is a Ben Jones original... after only one day of pressing. We're calling it “Red Poles” (a cheeky Pollock reference, here), no worries about colour this year!"

"Pfamous" Gamay is here!

Inside these 6 boxes are the "pfamous" Pfeiffer Gamay grapes which have been hand picked today from the original Gamay vines which were planted on our Sunday Creek vineyard in 1974. These grapes will be gently crushed in these bags in these boxes using our much loved foot treading activity with glass of Gamay in hand!

Saperavi fermenting in the winery.

"We handpicked our Shiraz and half of our Saperavi this week. Saperavi is a new variety we have in our vineyard and it is an ancient Georgian red grape. It is fermenting right now and smells awesome – like exotic spices and dark forest fruits and black cherries. The Shiraz is also looking really great. It has good colour, and lots of rich fruit flavour. We will definitely have a fantastic Sparkling Shiraz from 2017! Look who we found hitching a ride in on the grapes yesterday! He hitched a ride back to the vineyard on Tony's shirt."

Intense flavours in the shiraz.

"Shiraz off the Valhalla home block today. Small berries, low yields & intense flavours. Lovely to see some Rutherglen Shiraz, second pick of the season. This pick has lovely aromatics and keeps its natural acidity. We will pick again as the sugars rise, the flavours will deepen and form a richer Shiraz."

Plunging into vintage!

“It’s plunging time, this has to be done at least four times a day and sometimes at night! Our little winery is bursting at the seams with the fabulous fruit of this year’s harvest. We have picked our fabulous 40 year old block of Shiraz and the Durif has been in for over a week and is nearing the end of it’s fermentation.. the colour is extraordinary. Here’s Arch in action. “

Perfect weather for #Vintage17!

B-Block Shiraz located outside the Terrace Restaurant windows was picked this morning by Paul, Stuart and Murray. The fruit size is small and perfectly formed and the flavors are extremely good. This week the boys have picked, STL Cab Franc, ASE Marsanne and ASE Shiraz. The weather has been perfect for ripening and picking so all is going very well for #vintage17.

Slow and steady #v17

“Another great week with two different clones of Shiraz coming in, and our second pick of Tinta Roriz. Vintage is progressing really well but a lot more slowly than last year. We won’t be surprised if we don’t pick the Topaque until May so hopefully the weather will remain warm and dry until then. Feeding the stalks out to the cattle is a great way to reduce waste and keep them happy."

Durif time is here!

Things are progressing nicely. We are about 25% through now. Here is cellarman Tom, checking on some of the barrel ferments of the Chardonnay. Today we picked our first parcel of Rutherglen Durif!! 7 tonnes in total, although some will be made into fortified. We are also doing a small trial on a new Shiraz clone we hadn't used before - PT 23. It will be interesting to see how it compares with our other batches!

A winemaker's year!

Today was the day for LJ! We picked our 100+ year old Town Block Shiraz today and don't tell anyone, but Arthur thinks it is the best he has seen in our 18 years of caring for it - thats a big call, so lets hope the winemaker ensures it lives up to expectation! Indeed the fruit looks absolutely superb, perfectly ripe and rich in flavour with lovely fresh acidity and is now sitting in our circa 1860 wooden open fermenters - 2017 is certainly one of the years you want to be a winemaker!

All systems go at Chambers Rosewood!

A lot has happened since my last update. Tuesday: Muscat for Moscato @ 14.15 Baume, Shiraz from our 100 year old plus vines near the winery @ 13.5 baume Wednesday: Gouais from the cellar vineyard at 11.7 baume, Riesling with some Traminer @ 11.7 Baume, Tempranillo @ 13.5 Baume. Thursday: Shiraz and Mondeuse from 100 year plus vines @ 13.5 Baume (see photos attached) Friday: Palomino Overall very happy with the quality with great aromatics in the whites and fantastic colour in the Reds harvested. We have noticed in some varieties that there is shrivelling occurring but this does not seem to affected the quality at this stage. Have attached 2 photos one of Leo Messi (our Kelpie ) dutifully ke


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