Chatter in the shriaz vines.

"One of the joys of harvest is listening to the chatter as the picking team travel along the row, moving from vine to vine - yesterday in the Roussanne it was all about boy stuff! This morning there is no chat but its all about boys toys. For the the first time ever at JWV we used a machine harvester in our young Shiraz to get the fruit off quicker & cooler in the hot weather. We were nervous, but the vines have been set-up to cope & Ross Gehrig of John Gehrig Wines and his gentle harvester have done a great job and the fruit in the bins look fantastic! The sixth generation of Jones was helping out and happy not to have to get out his picking scissors. (I think he also was on his phone looki

Tinta Roriz in the press!

"Today we pressed the Tinta Roriz and were very happy with the balance of acid, pH and flavour, and achieved the vibrant cherry colour we were looking for. Juice testing indicates no picking for this week but from next Monday we will be very busy with harvesting a couple different blocks of Shiraz and squeezing in set up for Tastes of Rutherglen."

Sparkling shiraz.

Attached is a photo of our winemaker Brendan aerating the first of our Shiraz ferments. Seven tonnes of vibrant Rutherglen goodness, that will eventually make its way to our Sparkling Shiraz. Another picking for this will come on Friday. Happy winemaker so far...

Fiano handpicked at sunrise... got biccies?

"Harvest Day 1: We were hoping to pick Fiano and Roussanne… but the picking team ran out of energy, reportedly due to a shortage of smoko biscuits! Fortunately this season isn't like last year, when one day could mean the difference between grapes & raisins. This year ripening is both late and slow, the days are warm and the nights are cool and Vintage 2017 is potentially one of the most beautiful for some years. A quick pick of two rows tomorrow and the Roussane should be as fabulous as today's fresh, aromatic Fiano. Have noted to self however, to ensure biscuit supply is adequate from here on!"

Gorgeous flavours in the grapes!

"Today we were lucky enough to pick our Moscato and Sauvignon blanc. Both varieties look very special with stunning acid and lovely delicate flavours showing through. Last night was a lovely cool evening and as we pick during the early hours of the morning, the vineyard team were very lucky to have been in prime position to see the sun rising over the mountains and one of our dams this morning."

Riesling heading into the winery.

"Started picking this morning – just the 2017 Riesling at this stage. Approx. 7 tons at 11.8 baume and crushing is under way as I write. It has generally been a slow start to Vintage compared to the last few years, however there was a time that we wouldn’t consider picking reds until mid-March and it i s shaping up to be a that way this year."

Perfect ripening conditions.

"After a later and a slower start, vintage is now starting to heat up in the Rutherglen Estates vineyards, with perfect ripening conditions. Weather has meant that the vines have been able to maintain acid whilst producing some rich and intense flavours. All going to plan with the white varietals aiming to be finished picking by the end of the week. Reds will begin to be harvested on our vineyards later this week with the shiraz the first variety ready to be picked. So far it has been a great vintage and is shaping up as one of those vintages we talk about for years to come as being one of our best."

Muscat for bubbles and more!

"We kicked off with Chardonnay on the 15th of Feb, almost 3 weeks later than our first pick in 2016. The weather has been fantastic with steady ripening and great flavour development. Our second week of vintage brought in a fresh and floral batch of Muscat for bubbles and moscato, and an early harvest of Tinta Roriz was chosen for a bright and juicy tempranillo."


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