2017 Vintage Diary

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A lot has happened since my last update.


Tuesday: Muscat for Moscato @ 14.15 Baume, Shiraz from our 100 year old plus vines near the winery @ 13.5 baume

Wednesday: Gouais  from the cellar vineyard at 11.7 baume...

"I have attached a photo of the Riesling hand picked last week.  Newly grafted vines have produced their first crop and the fruit is beautiful!"

"Started picking this morning – just the 2017 Riesling at this stage. Approx. 7 tons at 11.8 baume and crushing is under way as I write.

It has generally been a slow start to Vintage compared to the last few years, however there was a time that we wouldn’t consider pick...

"Photo of today's pick. Riesling from Lake Moodemere Estates. Yesterday we started ourselves with Palomino at a baume of 9.9. Fruit was is very good condition. Next Pick Muscat for Moscato on Friday"