2017 Vintage Diary

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Things are progressing nicely.  We are about 25% through now.  Here is cellarman Tom, checking on some of the barrel ferments of the Chardonnay.

Today we picked our first parcel of Rutherglen Durif!!  7 tonnes in total, although some will be made into fortified.  W...

"We have got the hand pickers at the ready and we are picking a few tonnes Chardonnay tomorrow for our provincial parcel range as well as our first reds for the year - Pinot noir.  Flavours are looking spot on. So far so good!"

"We kicked off with Chardonnay on the 15th of Feb, almost 3 weeks later than our first pick in 2016. The weather has been fantastic with steady ripening and great flavour development. Our second week of vintage brought in a fresh and floral batch of Muscat for bubbles...

"Valentine's Day harvesting of the Chardonnay by 7th generation Joel Chambers. A beautiful day to start vintage!"