2017 Vintage Diary

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Pretty much just waiting on the muscadelle to ripen.  It could be a long wait ... In the meantime we are hoping for 10 tonnes of Malbec which  we will pick tomorrow. 

The cold mornings have made our normally tough winemaker Brendan dig out his trusty jumper.  By the look of it he should keep it in the closet.  A slow week fruit wise at Cofields.  The only fruit was 5 tonnes of Cabernet and 3 tonnes of viognier.  The cool change mean...

It's all hands on deck today at the winery.  Even Lauren our cellar door co-ordinator is helping crush our Quartz Vein Durif by operating the receival bin.  Thanks Lauren - don't get too dirty though!!

"Getting ready to crush the Quartz Vein Shiraz on Monday.  After a busy weekend of sales, it is good to get back into the throes of #v17 with 8 tonnes of Shiraz."