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The Winemakers of Rutherglen are an inspiring collective of 18 wineries from one of Australia’s most historic and iconic wine regions – Rutherglen.


Situated in “God’s Country”, protected by the Great Dividing Range, Rutherglen is blessed with cool nights, warm days and gloriously long, dry autumns. In essence, the ideal viticultural conditions for pioneering varietals that are uniquely Australian in charm and in spirit.


With Durif and Muscat at its heart – representing both innovation and tradition – Rutherglen is a region unlike any other. More than 150 years of winemaking heritage combined with a range of familiar and distinctive varietals, will see you discover Rutherglen wines as versatile, brave and joyful.


Unearth the spirit of Rutherglen wines today.


Rutherglen Wine Experience and Visitor Information Centre


57 Main Street, 

Rutherglen VIC 3685
PH: 02 6064 2100


Monday - Sunday: 9am-5pm

Closed Christmas Day.

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