Membership Information

The Winemakers of Rutherglen is a cohesive group of twenty local winemakers and viticulturists that strive to support each other and the community.

Our aim is to advance the economic and environmental health of the Rutherglen Wine Region. This is supported by increasing visitation to the region by promoting events and Rutherglen wines in the local, national and international marketplace. The Winemakers of Rutherglen are also striving to adopt best practice energy conservation.

The prime focus of this association has been the promotion of the wineries and their products through co-operative marketing. Over twenty years the winemakers have developed a number of events within the region to promote tourism and wine sales. These include Tastes of Rutherglen and the extremely successful Rutherglen Winery Walkabout.

'Young Bloods of Rutherglen' which is supported by Winemakers of Rutherglen creatively encourages the next generation of wine drinkers to discover our wines.

Interested in joining the Winemakers of Rutherglen as a member or becoming a strategic partner please send us an email at

Winemakers of Rutherglen Board

Chair- Damien Cofield
Vice Chair- Wendy Killeen
Treasurer- Belinda Chambers
Viticulture/Winemaking - Anton Therkildsen
Secretary- Jane Campbell

Executive Officer- Judy Tanner-Doyle